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Hybrid Cannabis

Hybrid weed is a special strain of marijuana that’s achieved by cross-breeding indica, sativa and/or other hybrid strains.   

Over the last few decades or so, hybrid weed strains have received a lot of media attention, making them one of the most popular marijuana strains in Canada. 

Together with cannabis sativa and indica, hybrid weed contribute immensely to the diversity of the marijuana industry. Familiarizing yourself with the features and the advantages hybrid strains have over sativa and indica can be very helpful, especially if you want to personalize your experience. With this knowledge, you can also better understand the medicinal benefits of various cannabis hybrid strains. 

What Is Hybrid Weed?

Hybrid weed is a mixture of sativa and indica cannabis strains. Hybrids are the result of crossing sativa and indica weed strains to create a better-quality offspring. 

Hybrid strains that are bred correctly tend to have a superior growth habit than their parent plants because weaknesses are bred out of the genetics. They can also tolerate adverse climatic conditions, and can be modified to produce desirable or more specific effects. 

To figure out the type of effects a certain cannabis hybrid is likely to produce, it’s important to understand how sativa and indica strains differ. The features and effects produced by sativa and indica parent strains will play a significant role in the type of high the hybrid strain will have. 

Indica Cannabis Effects

Indica is the go-to strain when you want to relax. For many years, people have ingested indica weed for its potent relaxing and sedating effects. Stronger indica strains may induce a condition called ‘couch lock’ where the user doesn’t want to move their body because it feels very heavy and they are increasingly lazy. When this happens, the person just wants to relax on the couch until the body high wears off. This makes indica cannabis perfect for persons with anxiety issues or those prone to muscle spasms. 

Marijuana producers also value indica marijuana strains for their unique set of features. Indica plants are easy to grow and harvest. They are relatively shorter than sativas, making them easy to grow indoors. Indica plants also take shorter time to mature as well. Because they have closely packed leaves, indica plants tend to be bushier than sativa plants. 

Sativa Cannabis Effects

Unlike indicas, sativa weed strains are good for stimulating the mind and mood. As a result, sativas are ideal for boosting focus and increasing productivity. People living with depression and ADHD find sativas very helpful. Both sativas and indicas produce pain relieving effects. 

Unlike indica plants, sativas are tall, and this makes them ideal for cultivating outdoors in areas with long and warm summers. In colder climates some sativa strains won’t do well because they take much longer to flower than indica plants.  Sativa weed strains are also thinner and the leaves tend to grow far apart. 

Hybrid Cannabis Effects

The genetic composition of hybrid marijuana determines the effects it will produce when ingested. If a hybrid strain produces more uplifting and mind stimulating effects, it usually means that it is sativa dominant. On the other hand, if a hybrid produces more sedating and relaxing effects, it normally means that indica genetics is dominant. 

Understanding how various cannabis compounds contribute to the final effects of a hybrid can help people choose their ideal marijuana strains. All the same, it is not easy to determine the effects of  hybrid weed without actually consuming it. When trying out a new hybrid strain, it is advisable to begin small and increase your consumption with time. 

Growing Hybrid Marijuana 

Hybrids are best known for their ability to create precise effects. People also grow hybrid strains for their attractiveness. Unlike their counterparts, the sativas and indicas, hybrid strains take shorter time to flower. They also give the grower higher yields. 

New hybrid strains of marijuana are not easy to make. The process requires a lot of effort and patience. Growers breed two different strains continuously until they arrive at a stable strain. This, therefore, means that creating new hybrids of marijuana involves a lot of back-crossing and sometimes inbreeding for a long time until the desired features are consistent. 

Why Choose Hybrid Strains?

There are many reasons why hybrid weed strains are better than their parent strains. Hybrid weed often offers both indica and sativa benefits, thus, they can offer some of the best highs. Also, hybrid strains allow users to truly personalize their weed experience. 

Similarly, hybrids allow people to develop weed strains that are highly effective at curing specific medical conditions. Hybrids also give growers an opportunity to select crops that are ideal for their available growing space and environment. 

Although indica and sativa strains provide a broad range of effects, hybrids allow users to narrow down marijuana effects and choose their most preferred effects, whether it be calming, sedating, energizing, or mood-altering effects. 

Thanks to hybrid marijuana, the cannabis industry in Canada is now more diverse, and there are an increasing library of marijuana strains to choose from. 

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