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Indica Cannabis

Indica is a marijuana strain category known for the sedative and relaxing effects it creates when consumed. The Indica plant is characterized by broad leaves and a distinctive bushy appearance. The name ‘indica’ was popularized in the 18th century by a French natural scientist by the name of Lamarck. See, in the 18th century, the Europeans only grew one marijuana strain. That weed strain was hemp or cannabis sativa. But, on a trip to India, Lamarck noticed an unusual cannabis plant that generated an ecstatic high when ingested. So he named the Indian cannabis plant ‘cannabis indica’ to differentiate it from the hemp plants back home.

Indica Weed Effects

Cannabis indica is a marijuana plant that is high in THC. That’s why people who are less experienced with weed are advised to be a little cautious when it comes to indica strains. Some strains of indica are extremely intoxicating and can create extreme levels of relaxation. They can make the user so sedated and woozy to a point where they don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their couch. This condition is called ‘couch lock’. Because of indica weed intense body highs, it isn’t the best cannabis strain to consume during the day, especially if you have to work or run some errands. It is, however, the perfect marijuana strain to smoke at night.  Indica weed common effects include sedation, relaxation, ‘couch lock’, sleepiness, and appetite stimulation.

Medical Effects

Indica Weed and Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis indica has pain-relieving effects. The marijuana strains are especially helpful to persons living with chronic pain who don’t want to take over-the-counter pain relievers. Indica weed can help cancer patients and people living with fibromyalgia to manage their conditions.

Muscle Relaxer

For many years, people have consumed indica weed for its muscle relaxing effects. People with multiple sclerosis can use cannabis indica to manage the excruciating muscle spasms caused by the disease.


The fact that indica weed strains create pain-relieving effects makes them a great natural remedy for headaches. It’s particularly useful to persons who struggle with persistent migraines. It also makes for a perfect alternative for persons who want to avoid over-the-counter headache medications or those who can’t stand the harmful side effects caused by pharmaceutical products.


Mental health practitioners recommend indica strains to people who struggle with anxiety. Because of the myriad effects it creates when ingested, including calming and relaxing effects, these cannabis strains can also help people manage panic attacks.

How Does Indica Weed Work?

Indica weed body highs are produced by highly potent cannabinoids. Marijuana plants have over 120 cannabinoids, which are responsible for creating cannabis’s signature high, among other effects. The most active cannabinoids are THC and CBD.


Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is one of the most studied cannabinoids in Canada. It is the ingredient responsible for the cheerful and high feeling (psychoactive effects) a person experiences when they smoke or consume cannabis. THC is also the ingredient responsible for the pain relief associated with marijuana. Most indica-dominant strains are highly concentrated with THC. This explains why indica strains cause extreme sedation and relaxation. In some cases, indica-dominant strains may cause intense anxiety and increased heart rate.


CBD is another active cannabinoid found in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a euphoric high. It generates calming effects which can be very useful to people living with anxiety. CBDs calming effects can also help people cope with panic attacks. CBD also helps control seizures making indica weed a perfect medical alternative for epileptics. CBD oil is sometimes used to treat Dravet syndrome, a common disorder that causes incapacitating seizures, and mostly affects infants. Research indicates that CBD has the capacity to neutralize the ‘high’ feeling caused by THC.

The Entourage Effect

Besides having individual effects, cannabinoids (THC & CBD) also have an effect on one another. This effect is called the ‘Entourage Effect’. This explains why some indica strains will make the user calm instead of all anxious and nervy. If the indica-dominant strain has a proper ratio of CBD and THC, CBD will regulate the THC’s effects and create a calming effect.


Indica weed has aromatic features thanks to its set of unique compounds called terpenoids. Terpenes emit scents that can affect the body in a variety of ways inducing sedating, calming, uplifting, and relaxing effects.   There are three main types of terpenes, namely Myrcene, Pinene, and Geranial. Myrcene produces anti-inflammatory, calming, and analgesic effects. Pinene on the other hand also has anti-inflammatory effects and like CBD, it can help neutralize THC’s effects. Geraniol is believed to help in neuropathy treatment.

Features of the Indica Plant

Not only does indica weed produce a variety of effects when consumed, the plant also behaves and looks totally different from sativa strains when growing. While sativa plants can be as tall as 20 feet, indica plants are way shorter, about 5 feet. Indica weed leaves are broad and grow closely packed to each other. Usually, indica strains do well if planted indoors where they take 2-3 months to become fully-grown plants ready for harvest.  The buds of a newly harvested indica have a characteristic pungent smell courtesy of the terpenes.

Indica Weed FAQs

What is Indica Weed?

Indica weed strains is a category of cannabis that produce calming effects when ingested. 

Does indica affect the body and brain? 

Indica weed produces a ‘body high’ that makes the user feel calm and relaxed. That’s why indica strains are used in the treatments of pain relief, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia.

How does indica differ from sativa?

Indica weed strains are short with broad leaves. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are tall with thin leaves. Also, their flowers and buds differ a lot. Indica buds are typically densely packed, whereas sativa buds are larger and fluffier. 

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