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Budder is a type of marijuana concentrate with some pretty impressive amounts of cannabinoids.
As you may know, cannabinoids are the compounds that create the effects people experience
when they consume pot. While cannabis has hundreds of compounds, the most active ones are
CBD, THC, and terpenes.

How’s budder made?

Although budder is arguably one of the least popular concentrates today, pot lovers from all over
the world have consumed it since the 90s.
When it comes to making budder, solvents are needed to extract cannabinoids from cannabis
plant materials. Commonly used solvents include butane and CO2.
The solvent is passed through a tubular container containing cannabis plant materials. This is
done using pressure to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. The extracts are then passed through a
heated chamber to get rid of any solvent remnants. Budder is made just before the extracts begin
to crystallize.
Don’t try to make budder at home. Not only is the process a little complicated, but it’s a highly
risky DIY project too. The solvents involved are highly flammable and can lead to some nasty
Typically, a professionally made budder contains a cannabinoid level of up to 90 percent. It also
has a 99 percent purity level. This does not come as a surprise because pure budder does not
contain any solvents.
It’s advisable to check the color of budder before buying it. This is the only way to find out if the
budder you are about to buy is high-quality or not. If the budder is not amber in color, it’s
probably not high-quality. Don’t buy it. Only buy budder that’s amber in color.
Another thing to be mindful about when it comes to budder is the way you store it. Get a non-
stick container for storing your budder. Not only will a non-stick container maintain the quality
of your budder, but it will also help minimize wastage. Budder can also be stored in parchment
Budder is the only concentrate with a decent concentration of terpenes. Terpenes are best known
for the taste and smell they produce, especially when heated. For this reason, budder guarantees
some of the best dabbing sessions ever. To experience the best of a budder’s flavor profile, use a
vaporizer at low temperature.

How is Budder Consumed?

Just like with other concentrates, such as shatter, hash, and live resin, there are various ways to
consume budder. Some best ways include:


Twaxing is a common way of consuming budder. It involves adding budder inside a joint to
create a more potent effect.


You need a dab rig to enjoy your budder using this method. The best part is there are various
types of dab rigs to choose from.


Vaporizers are special devices for ingesting marijuana. Vaporizing involves heating the budder
to release the active compounds, then inhaling the vapor.


Bongs provide a perfect way to consume budder. It is, however, important to note that budder
has a higher melting point compared to regular flower; therefore, it might be harder to light up.
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